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Spiritual life guidance and connections with your loved ones in spirit

Relationship readings

Relationship readings Julie Specialises in relationship readings and over the years has perfected her skills to be able to deliver you accurate life guidance, no matter what the current issues are. She works closely with her spirit guides who are experts at soul-mate readings and twin-flame readings, and if you have an issue connected to […]

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Medical intuitive

Julie also works as a medical intuitive and is able to sense aliments in the body helping you heal.

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Psychic mediumship

Since a very young age Julie was able to sense spirits around her but it wasn’t until a later age that Julie start to perfect her skills putting it into helping and guiding people in life. After a rather turbulent journey in life and having to learn many life lessons before she could embark on […]

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Genuine Testimonials

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Julie Smyth Life guidance at its best, straight from the heart. Any enquiries please feel free to contact me, always happy to help!