About Julie Smyth

Ever since a young age I was able to sense spirits around me, but it wasn’t until around my late teens after some turbulent paths in my life, that I started to channel my gift into helping others, I expanded my skills into counselling and life coaching. Several years later I pride myself in the clientele that I’ve built up from all over the world purely through word of mouth and hard work.

Julie Smyth is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counsellor and a life coach. A new breed of life coaching and psychic mediums she is fairly becoming extremely sought after. Julie has her own unique way of working and style which is proving extremely effective in helping clients worldwide.

~Psychic-mediumship~ Julie prides herself in her extreme close connection with the spirit-world enabling her to contact your loved ones who have passed to spirit, she has a unique gift of being able to contact any loved one of your choice which eliminates any disappointment that your special loved one won’t come through, Julie perfected her skills as she wanted to ensure that if you book a session you go away with peace of mind your loved one of your choice connected to you. Her connections with spirit are extremely accurate and she is able to give you solid validation from the spirit-world also offering excellent spiritual guidance to assist you with and healing that is also required.

~Life coaching and counselling~ Julie again has her own style of working with you to address any issues that you may have in your life, there is no issue that Julie has not covered over the years and she can gurantee that she can assist you whether it’s spiritual counselling or life coaching. Her counselling skills are very direct and straight to the point using her psychic mediumship skills within the first session she is able to tell you what the problems are and what is required to fix them, where as regular counselling it often takes a few sessions before the problems are established Julie works the other way around..she knows straight away what is required, this also cuts out the number of sessions that are required. Using various life coaching and counselling methods Julie gets straight to the root of the issue and will start working with you for healing instantly.

So whether you wish to contact a loved one in spirit, require counselling, life coaching or healing work…get in touch with Julie Smyth.

Sincere guidance from the heart with your best interests in mind.



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