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Clearing and healing sessions.

Relationship clearing.
One of the wisest things that a person can do throughout their life is decide too focus on yourself and take time out from relationships. It’s in this place that you can really find yourself and learn to love you. The saying you can’t love another soul until you love yourself is extremely true.
But during the time out for yourself we can become very independent, as our energy grows our hearts can become closed down, we can build barriers around ourself. When our hearts become closed down we aren’t open to receive the love that we deserve and have worked so hard for. We can then reach a point after several years of being out of relationships where we lose touch with love which in effect can make us feel isolated, slightly anxious that that special loved one will never come and we’ll never be happy.
These sessions are excellent for opening your heart up too love, clearing any remaining issues from your past, preparing you for love and dissolving those fears. All of these factors can block our true soul mate from entering our life-path.

So how does it work? Well everything is energy, we must maintain an open heart to receive love and send out a good vibration too attract this great love.
Using powerful life coaching techniques we help to dissolve any issues from your past that may by stopping you from moving on too love, counselling will be combined if it is required.
We then work on your every field, your chakras and mainly your heart chakra, to open this chakra up we do some intense healing work within the heart area.
Using positive affirmations with yourself we also work on YOU raising your energy, work on loving yourself more and believing that you deserve this love.
We look at your soul journey on relationships so far and clear any past life issues up.
We also look ahead on your life path to see where your soul mate is, what lessons that he still has too learn and when roughly he should be coming into your life.
And we cover any other issues that may be unearthed during the session.

They are extremely powerful these sessions and as in my own life after taking five years out solo I understand completely how it works, my heart had closed down in the process and it was only 2 days after doing all of above on myself that my soul mate appeared, it’s been 3 months now and I’ve never looked back and the love that I have is just the most amazing feeling in the world!!

The cost of this session is £75.00
Energy clearing and chakra balancing.
Through life especially the struggles that we may face we can become burdened with stress and other anxieties. This can in effect take its toll on our energy field and chakras, as the main seven chakras govern our overall well being and health, they can become blocked with stagnant Energy which then can cause various ailments. It’s important through life to keep our energy field and chakras in balance.
In this session we focus on clearing your chakras, put some intense protection around you and balance out your energy field, to leave you feeling more positive.
The cost of this session is £55.00

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