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Learn to love yourself. In this session we focus purely on YOU. Finding true love and happiness starts within you. This is the perfect session if you are struggling with finding that right love for yourself, struggling with previous toxic partnerships or have been single for a long period of time. We work to remove and heal any past hurts from your life path using powerful life coaching techniques and counseling. We work with you to find that love within and to believe in yourself. If you feel stuck on your relationship path, this session will be perfect for you and will leave you feeling lighter and with much more clarity.
(Book this session £75.00)

Journey to Heaven Session
This session is perfect for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one. You will gain more knowledge of heaven and how the spirit world works. You’ll receive counselling and I will offer you techniques that you can take away with you to assist you with your loss. Using meditation and other techniques, we show you how you can communicate with your lost loved ones and how you can start to receive messages from them yourself. This is a beautiful session that won’t only bring you closer to you loved ones in heaven but also give you healing.
(Book this session £85.00)

Past Life Sessions
If we need to delve deeper into any life issues you may have, this series of sessions is right for you. Most of us have previous past lives that can affect our lives today. Various lessons from past lives can be brought forward into this life. This is an intense series of sessions that takes you back to your past lives. We will give you accurate validation and proof of the connection to your life now. We will identify unresolved lessons. We can also identify people from past lives whom you know (or will know) from this lifetime. Once we’ve established any issues brought forward, we then work on clearing these from your life now, using healing techniques and powerful counselling skills. These sessions really do open your eyes and can be incredibly uplifting and healing experiences.
The Past Life Sessions consists of three sessions, each session being an hour long.
(Book this session £180.00)

Removing the Past
Remove your past for a better future. Life isn’t always easy and we can get bogged down with negative situations from our past. We can become stuck in life, which can lead us to feeling depressed and unhappy. We can learn from the past but we must not let it define our future. In this session we work to clear past hurts and resolve other such issues, using healing and life coaching techniques. It’s different from normal counselling because Julie uses her psychic abilities and gifts to understand exactly what the problems are, and she instantly gets to the root of the issues in order for the relevant healing to take place. After this session you’ll feel free to move forward to get the happiness that you truly deserve in your life.
(Book this session £85.00)

Contact Your Guardian Angel
Every single one of us has a guide from the spirit world. I like to call them our guardian angels. It’s usually a relative who has passed over before we are born. They are responsible for overseeing your current life path and helping you whenever possible. There are many benefits of knowing who your guardian angel is. For example, you can then communicate with them on a daily basis, asking for the relevant guidance, bringing you closer to them. In this session, Julie will let you know who watches over you from heaven by giving accurate validation from them.
(Book this session £55.00)

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